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You can make a differenceand帮助ADAA改变生活,在你的一些购物favorite online stores, or purchasing your favorite items online. Proceeds from the purchase of any of the products below help support ADAA's mission and allows us to continue to offer free webinars, blog posts, podcasts, website content and more. We encourage you to also read their stories on ourADAA Allies page. Thank you and happy shopping!


当然,我们做蜡烛,但它是那么多than that. We handcraft highly fragrant, simplistic soy candles that serve a larger purpose. When you invest in our product, you're also investing in helping spread the word about mental health awareness. Each month we donate a portion of our profits to a different mental health organization (including ADAA). Our founder wantedAmbient Wick™candles to serve a greater cause as a sufferer of anxiety and a survivor of depression.


ShopACTAWearfor a wide range of athletic gear. ACTAwear exists to help their customers pursue the best versions of themselves in and out of the gym. They provide the athletic gear necessary to keep athletes motivated, and with every purchase an opportunity to give to someone in need. A portion of proceeds supports ADAA's mission.

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AmazonSmile,a simple and automatic way for you to support ADAA every time you shop — at no cost to you. When you shop at, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as with the added bonus that Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charity you select - ADAA! Select ADAA on AmazonSmile and support our work to #breakthestigma around mental health issues with every item you purchase!

Want to help make a difference while you shop in the Amazon app, at no extra cost to you? Simply follow the instructions below to select "Anxiety and Depression Association of America" as your charity and activate AmazonSmile in the app. They'll donate a portion of your eligible mobile app purchases to us.

How it works:
1. Open the Amazon app on your phone
2. Select the main menu (=) & tap on "AmazonSmile" within Programs & Features
3. Select "Anxiety and Depression Association of America" as your charity
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate AmazonSmile in the mobile app

Amy Diener Painting

Amy Dieneris a Bangkok based artist from New York specializing in vibrant mandala dot paintings. She's had a long history of battling OCD, and uses her artwork as a coping strategy to mitigate anxiety, and spread awarenesss to destigmatize mental health. She has a collection ofhand-painted mandala jewelry, which cultivates positivity and joy. Viewing a mandala helps lower anxiety such as decreasing intrusive and repetitive thoughts. Amy donates 10% of profits from her jewelry sales to AADA. You can also read herAADA story here.


At Bathtisma, our vision is to wash away the world’s negative energies. To let go of depression and anxiety, exhaustion and weariness, fatigue, and stress. To heal the world of the human condition, one person at a time.

Bathtisma advocates ritual bathing as a personal self-care, self-reflection, and self-transformation practice that occurs in the bath, using sacred elements, tools, and words. A person can create their Bathtism™ with our custom-formulated, essential oil-infused bath soaks and complementing guided meditations, transforming their bath into a personal sanctuary, where they can retreat from the world, calm the mind, soothe the body, and regenerate the spirit.

Bathtisma is proud to be an ongoing supporter of the ADAA and its mission to prevent, treat, and cure anxiety disorders and depression disorders, raise awareness about the impact of mental health on physical health, find new treatments, and one day prevent and cure anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders.

Shop our online store, and bathe your way to wellness. Immerse Yourself

Better Days Ahead

Better Days Aheadstarted as a passion for streetwear. However, I knew I wanted to incorporate a way to give back. I felt as though “Better Days Ahead” was the perfect name to embody our message. We’ve always made an effort to put the clothes we produce first, so that supporting those with mental health struggles is an added bonus to a great product with a bigger message.

We consist of myself, Brandon Cansler, as well as my partners Anthony Zinni & Will Donovan. Mental health is important to all of us. As someone who battles with anxiety and panic disorder, I feel deeply connected to the efforts that organizations such as ADAA are making. We decided on the ground floor that we would pledge 10% of profits to various mental health organizations. We hope to make an impact while doing what we love. We’re grateful and humbled by the passion our supporters have. They’re responsible for the weight that the name now carries.Twitter: betterdaysahead Instagram: betterdaysaheadco

Read about Better Days Ahead in this June 18, 2021 article

The Custom Journal

The Custom Journalis a unique wellness company focused on using personalized journaling to mitigate stress and anxiety. Therapist recommended, we use a user-friendly web application that enables individuals to design the inside pages of their journal, choosing between various Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and organizational prompts to create a journal that is truly one-of-a-kind. A portion of each purchase is donated to help support mental health awareness. Use discount code ADAA10 to receive 10% off any journal purchase. Proceeds benefit ADAA.

D.R.E.A.M.'s edgy

ShopD.R.E.A.M.'s edgy streetwear lineand they will donate 10% of your purchase towards ADAA and other mental health partners!



Auction and buy items at eBay on behalf of ADAAand bid in auctions that benefit ADAA.



We specialize in creating new and unique authentic handmade fashion. This includes a wide variety of apparel, accessories, jewelry, handbags and footwear. Constantly inspired by the core elements, We provide the apparel and gear that is essential to help athletes and individuals perform at their best while feeling empowered and loved and with every purchase an opportunity to give to someone in need.ForbeFashwas created to bring awareness to Mental Health and inspire individuals to be and feel their absolute best. A percentage of your proceeds go to organizations (like ADAA) that focus on improving quality of life for those with anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, OCD, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders. $8,400,000 raised for great causes since 1997.Over 1,700 Online Stores - including all your favorites! Use the iGive Button, shop online as you normally would - no added steps.

Liv Arnold Books

Liv Arnold is an author of color writing diverse books on real issues like mental health and consent. As she has experienced anxiety most of her life, she will donate a percentage of the profits of her upcoming novelStepping Stone(release date 11 July 2022) to ADAA.


Lullifyis the first record label, publisher, and budding lifestyle brand aimed at bringing positivity to the listener by pushing the boundaries of what both audio and video can do for the mind. Whether you need sleep aid sounds or binaural atmospheres that take you to another place, Lullify has the widest variety of music for moods and moments to help you escape the stresses of modern society. A portion of all royalties collected from streaming their albums and playlists go to supporting ADAA.

Mama K Breaking Bath

Mama K Breaking Bathis a small bath and body company based out of Durham, North Carolina. Kate Kalinowski, owner and artisan behind all Mama K products, firmly believes in self care that takes place both mentally and physically. Partial proceeds of all sales benefit ADAA.

PayPal Donate

You can support ADAA directly through PayPal!Click here to donate today.


Pockitudes.Inspiring Self-healing with Gratitude.The pocket-sized mental wellness journal to help increase happiness and reduce stress and anxiety. We are so humbled and so proud to do our part in supporting such an important organization by donating 5% of our monthly gross sales from and from our Amazon store to ADAA.


After realizing there were no bracelets out there that actually had effective, therapy-inspired, mindfulness phrases, we decided to make our own.Presentlybracelets bear affirmations that are rooted in this cognitive-behavioral approach to remind us to disrupt the spiral of unproductive thinking that consumes so many of us and redirect our thoughts to the present moment.

But, Presently isn’t just a jewelry brand. We wanted to start a platform to open up the conversation around mental health disorders. What better way to support this effort than to contribute a portion of our profits to ADAA, an organization that works every single day to do exactly that – to spread important information and resources to those who are struggling.

Pretty Girls With Anxiety

Pretty Girls With Anxietyis a safe space for ALL WOMEN, but especially the women who battle depression and anxiety. We believe that when you look pretty, you feel pretty! Pretty Girls With Anxiety is a brand I created with the intent of putting an end to the negative stigma surrounding mental health and the perception of how people view people with mental health. Shop our site with CONFIDENCE, and feel pretty EVERYDAY!! Read myADAA Ally story here.C与我们onnect @prettygirlswithanxiety在Facebook上, Instagram, and Pinterest!!

Pura Vida

Pura Vida brings awareness to anxiety disorders. Founded in Costa Rica, each purchase helps provide full-time jobs for artisans worldwide — and when you purchase a custom ADAA bracelet, we’ll receive a portion of your purchase as will ADAA. Please note: Pura Vida depletes its stock very quickly as these are one of a kind items produced by hand. If the site says the bracelets are sold out - you can add your email to their list to make sure you receive a bracelet as soon as the stock is resupplied. The ADAA new style pack is now available!Check it out here.Many thanks to the Puravida team for collaborating with ADAA for so many years. We're most grateful for your partnership and support!

Sunset Therapy Apparel

Sunset Therapy Apparelis a Mom and Daughter business that was created to spread awareness and offer support for those who are personally affected or have loved ones affected by mental illness. Due to the prevalence of mental illness and the significance of mental health, Sunset Therapy donates 10% of its profits to mental health organizations every year. Sunset Therapy Apparel has chosen Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) as the organization to donate to for 2021. The name Sunset Therapy was chosen to serve as a reminder that even during the darkest of times, there is still beauty in the world. On the most hectic and stressful days, setting aside a few minutes to watch the sunset, can help put everything into perspective. Sunset Therapy Apparel is here to help find the beauty in every day, in a fashionable way!


My name is Tommy Hua, and I'm the founder ofTetsuma Inc. based in Los Angeles, California. We are a manufacturer and retailer of automotive memorabilia. As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression, I want to help people who are going through what I have experienced. My company is proud to support ADAA's mission.

WorkItTowels.comBased in sunny San Diego,Work It Towelswas created to inspire movement. Stacy (mom) and Harrison (teenage son) are both creative types who enjoy a lil' gym time. Our story began when we noticed a lot of our friends using old, gross, boring bathroom hand towels to workout. We knew there had to be a better option...Our fitness towels feature a super soft, 100% microfiber poly-fleece top with edge-to-edge color. It's not a scratchy screen print. Instead, the fibers are dyed, providing vibrant color that lasts with daily use. The reverse side of our towels provide 100% cotton terry loop backing that is soft and offers incredible absorption. Sized at 15" x 25,"Work It Towelsare the perfect accessory to any workout! How will YOU work it? 20% proceeds from the sale of our towels benefit nonprofits. Most of our designs benefit ADAA, the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. Mental & physical health are so important, and we are thrilled to support ADAA.

有一个捐款的问题吗?请电子邮件d[email protected]or call 240-485-1016. Learn more about becoming anADAA Ally.

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